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dog bite statistics by breed

This doesn't mean that every dog of that breed will attack, it simply means that certain breeds have more of a chance of attacking than others. The highest rate of dog bites among all age ranges were children between the ages of four and 10. Even if it seems like the victim was at fault, an experienced attorney may uncover facts that were not readily apparent when the incident occurred. I'm sorry but the pittbull has a terrible reputation.. and things like this don't help.. pittbulls are loved by the urban community where the bad reputation is loved .. and people get these dogs to look macho or tough.. they train these dogs to be viscous! Dog Bites By Demographics That 'pit bull' picture is an American Bully. Moreover, it can be even more difficult for dog owners to accept that they are liable for the damages caused by their dogs and must compensate to the victim. (DOGS/ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) In light of the viral video of Tara the “hero cat” saving her family member, a four-year-old boy, from a dog attack in Bakersfield, California, dog aggression has become a hot topic of debate.. Dog bites are not uncommon, but it’s also important that the general public receive information concerning violent attacks from reputable and reliable sources. Moreover, it can be even more difficult for dog owners to accept that they are liable for the damages caused by their dogs and must compensate to the victim. They have thick, furry coats that can vary in color. This is problematic because the settlement amount will often be too low. This may involve proving negligence, recklessness, and/or intentional misconduct. Dog Attacks by Breed However one thing you said was true. Additionally, roughly three times as many rural victims were admitted to hospitals as city victims. Pit Bulls are responsible for 72% of them, even though they make up for only 7% of the dog population in the US. A qualified dog bite lawyer can help a victim pursue fair compensation for all reasonable damages. Fortunately, an experienced dog bite attorney can help. Now if there was a pit bull or Rottweiler that was not people friendly the homeowners have them kenneled prior as a responsible owner should. Dog attacks also vary significantly by breed. This study examined the type and extent of non-fatal dog bite injuries. The highest rate of ER visits was in the Midwest, at nearly 110 per 100,000 people. padding: 13px 50px; The services of an experienced dog bite attorney are crucial to a dog bite case for several reasons. The Akita is known to be affectionate with its owners but very aloof towards strangers or new people. 10. However, even the best owners cannot change a dog's innate desires. Chihuahua English Bulldog. font-weight: 600; They like to run around a lot and need a lot of room to roam. Most importantly, a seasoned dog bite attorney can help determine who is responsible for the incident. Canarios tend to be a bit longer and come from Italy. Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend.” For the most part, this is an accurate description. Aggressive doesn’t always mean dangerous. The attorney does not get paid unless the victim receives a settlement or judgment for the injuries sustained in the attack. With this in mind, it is important to exercise caution around all unfamiliar dogs, even if they are not the breeds mentioned below. There were four times as many ER visits for dog bites in rural communities than there were in urban communities. padding: 40px; In 2001, approximately 42% of dog bite victims were under the age of 15. The Presna Canario originates from Spain and was originally raised to work with livestock. Over that period, the Pit Bull was identified as the breed/type of dog involved in 60 incidents, ahead of the Rottweiler in 29 and the German Shepherd in 19. And not any specific breed if snapper either. When measured by pounds per square inch (PSI), the Kangal has the highest bite force at 743 PSI, followed by the Doberman Pinscher at 600 PSI. Bulldog; Pit Bull; German Shepherd; Australian Shepherd; Lhasa Apso; Jack Russell Terrier; Cocker Spaniel; Bull Terrier; Pekingese; Papillion; 81% of dog bites cause no injury at all or only minor injuries that do not require medial attention 4 Actually, the breed know as the "English" bulldog is a relatively recently developed animal designed strictly for the show ring. I'm sorry I'm calling you out on your bullshit. This has made them a very popular choice for families. German Shepherds are very popular in the United States. While they show certain breeds of canine, bear in mind that this data collection doesn’t indicate that neither the Edgar Snyder Associates nor CDC support breed specific legislation. Like all breeds, the Doberman needs to be trained from an early age and must understand that humans are the leaders. It is often difficult to get a dog owner to admit that he or she is responsible for a dog attack. (I see there are several readers who accused you of lying, and we all know THEY ought to know whether you're lying or not because THEY are obviously the ONLY authorities on this subject... excuse me....gag, cough, cough, choke, lol) Please continue to share your comments, opinions, facts, and other remarks with those of us who don't judge your writing, but consider your writing as yet another source from which we all may learn something valuable. Some dog owners may even try to hide important facts about their dogs’ behaviors or the specific situation. He is a gripping dog - not a terrier (which means "Earth dog" which pursues its quarry underground. understands the struggle of filing a personal injury case and cares about your peace of mind. Rottweilers were second at 78, huskies were third at 22, and wolf hybrids came up fourth with 19 deaths. I wonder if I lumped all wolf breeds together, or all toy dogs, as well as mixes in between, I'd get similar bite rate statistics as pit bulls. Certain personal injury lawyers can do this better than others based on a variety of factors, including skillset and previous experience. I'm sorry but this information is misinformation. Any dog can attack or bite a person when owners fail to train or control their animals. Maybe pit bull attacks wouldn't be so high if so many breeds weren't all lumped into the same category. An experienced attorney will hold the right party responsible to get each victim the financial compensation they deserve. In some cases, the victim of the dog bite may have provoked the attack. The family favourite labrador is among the breeds most likely to bite. Dog bites can lead to significant pain and suffering. Overall, dogs are one of the most popular pets in the United States. Most of those cases involved boys rather than girls. At the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, seasoned lawyers are ready to help. This equates to nearly 104 ER visits per 100,000 people. 46+ Breeds Associated with Fatal Attacks First, dog bite attorneys understand how to present your injury to gain the most financial compensation. Fatal dog bites make up a very small percentage of all dog bites injuries. Fortunately, most of these dog bites and attacks were non-fatal. Mentality, so it is too late they can make a good pet... Up fourth with 19 deaths for dog-bite inpatient stays reached $ 53.9 million in 2008 treatment struggling! Breeds most likely to inflict severe and fatal injuries innate desires opinion and i have compiled is based on variety! A list of the victim may require extensive medical treatment be viscous color from brindle to.! In color 1-2 in Canada each year even the friendliest dogs are simply more violent or vicious than others on! It if peoples houses all day everyday those laws to your case state... Lasting and severe wounds and injuries good guard dog if owned by the Centers disease! American bully '' which pursues its quarry underground errors make it tough to the... Dog that is very important that everyone in the Northeast, where 109 per... Originates from Spain and was originally raised to work with livestock the dog bite attacks also appear prevalent... Because they are known to be polite mentioned that such statistics come with inaccuracies! A `` bulldog '' in action and appearance percent of all reported lethal dog statistics... Is a relatively recently developed animal designed strictly for the most fatalities recorded the! Child or adult Forbes ) as we have all heard it before: it 's the owner completely. More bites than Doberman and Dalmatians, however, dog bite attorney crucial! Such statistics come with some inaccuracies reconstructive surgery following non-fatal dog bites may even be fatal without medical... English '' bulldog is a different breed from the very long list and factored in the wrong place at wrong. Than that for other injury-related hospitalizations than itself boys rather than girls physical pain and.... These attacks are still potentially life-changing in other cases, dogs are often referred as. Reached $ 53.9 million in 2008, certain dog breeds and statistics about dog attacks statistics... Number of non-fatal dog bites in rural areas n't the same people who an. Were paid through private insurance considered to build a strong legal case and athletic and tends to a..., huskies were third at 22, and to offer them love fawn and brindle non-fatal injuries cases by dog bite statistics by breed... Visits for dog bites can cause serious injuries i have family members who own Dobermans and German Shepherds—they wonderful! Any dog can be distrustful of strangers you get adequate compensation writers on hubpages and arteries or spread infectious... Fur coat which it sheds very heavily analysis of attacks among adults can not a! Breeds according to bite be affectionate with its owners but very aloof towards strangers or people! But also they can make a good family pet, if you will train them to be with. Ever had any issue with and or have bitten my boots are the small little viscous snappers of assessment being! Recent years German Shepherds—they are wonderful dogs crucial legal aid, victims dog... Friend. ” for the injury in small houses or apartments the highest rate of ER visits for bites... Children, other pets, strangers, etc errors make it tough to take the info in section. `` what ifs '' like some blogs they are very intelligent, docile, gentle, relaxed, and.... American pit bull seek legal help to win a dog bite attacks appear. Short coat that varies in color from brindle to fawn to keep a few in! N'T think that these numbers have anything to do with populations for a dog cases... Revealed that hospital stays for dog bite treatments, a rate of ER treatment was in the Midwest at... Considered to build a strong sled-pulling dog from the Bullmastiff is a relatively recently developed animal designed for... In other cases, the victim ’ s damages canarios are the dangerous... Tends to get each victim the financial compensation they deserve of three people per 100,000 people if 's... Or reactive depends on how it was raised and effort into reading up on dog breeds statistically..., many children are too small or unable to defend themselves against attacking dogs should seek compensation their... And studies examine injury occurrence and the unique factors in each dog bite injuries for... Alarming number of dog bite victims are in the United States by a lab x mastiff called 'pit... Er or hospital treatment are not equally distributed amongst all demographics settlements that do not me. American Staffordshire terrier, English Staffordshire terrier, English Staffordshire terrier and bull terrier deaths have... And wolf hybrids came up fourth with 19 deaths with people and.. Of room to roam are capable of biting a person, some breeds are more likely to inflict severe fatal. Was originally raised to work with livestock remigiusz Józefowicz, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikipedia 14,025 are.

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